Founded in November 2004, PeoplePlus Consulting has continually raised the bar for itself to remain relevant to its marquee clients.  Everything that we do is aimed at fostering an increasingly higher level of trust with our stakeholders.

As the firm celebrates fifteen years of its eventful experience and as the demands of its clients turn more complex and challenging to satisfy, the firm has scripted a new and more appropriate mission, “Giving up is not an option”.

PeoplePlus Consulting offers two service verticals to its clients, executive search and enhanced (non-financial) due diligence. Clients of both the service lines display a similar genre in that they are usually F 500 entities that either have an India presence or are contemplating a direct or portfolio investment in South Asia.

The firm’s executive search practice is bed rocked on the founders' proven domain competence in banking & financial services and straddles both the front offices and off shored universes of banking operations & technology, asset & wealth management. There is no urge at all to be "all things to all people". Likewise, our strategy of limiting ourselves to leadership hiring allows our clients and candidates to experience a unique sense of personalized relationship that is rare in today’s “process centric” landscape.

Search clients of PeoplePlus Consulting, who are invariably bulge bracket MNCs, recognize that the primary challenge in institution building is the ability to attract and retain professionally aligned, mature, stable and outcome driven managers. The phenomenon of more than 94% of our revenues being derived from long term contracted clients is testimony to our meeting the expectations of our clients on a sustained basis. The firm specializes in identifying and engaging with high impact "off market" candidates and weaning them towards our client companies without compromising on confidentiality and privacy. Proven managers from our target industries seek us out to make the "orbit shifting" move in their careers.

On the due diligence side, PeoplePlus Consulting feeds off its wide and deep network of its founders basis their 66 years of collective corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Once again, the firm’s clients are bulge bracket private equity investors and venture capitalists who are very deliberate in mitigating the myriad risks associated with investing in the generally opaque South Asian market and are always seeking out a navigator that they can trust. Since PeoplePlus Consulting is not a financial intermediary, the firm is never conflicted in corporate finance or M & A deals. Such independence enables the firm to advise objectively without fear or favor.

PeoplePlus Consulting is the career partner of choice for leaders from the banking/financial services off shoring industry just as it is the “go to” risk mitigating vehicle for PE and VC funds.